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bi safe

Product description:

bi safe is a microbiological preparation improving the biological condition of soil, increasing the number of available forms of macro- and microelements, contributing to the development of beneficial microflora and improving the soil structure, as well as supporting plant growth and yield. It contains concentrated forms of rhizosphere microorganisms responsible for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium transformations in soil and improving its abundance in nutrients due to fast decomposition of organic matter.

The powder form of the preparation ensures its high durability and effectiveness.


Carefully selected strains::

  • Bacillus sp. bacteria in an amount not less than 1x109 - 3x109 CFU per 1 gram of product
  • Non-pathogenic soil fungi in amount not less than 5x106 - 1x107 spor in 1 gram of product
  • Non-pathogenic soil-borne actinomycetes in an amount of not less than 7x105 - 2x106 spor in 1 gram of product


Increases soil health

Improves the availability of macro- and microelements for plants

Naturally stimulates seed germination and rooting

Improves soil structure

Accelerates decomposition of organic matter in soil


bi safe improves the biological life in cultivated soil, especially in the area of rhizosphere. The microorganisms contained in the preparation take part in the improvement of soil structure and its fertility, they help in proper nutrition of plants by providing nutrients, and improve the quantity and quality of the crop. It has a positive effect on soil health as it naturally reduces the occurrence of pathogens (by competing with them for nutrients and space to grow).

Application on soil before sowing and planting and in autumn after harvest, on soil with post-harvest residues in the form of spraying. Spray in the morning or in the evening at temperatures above 10⁰C. 1 kg / 250-350 l water /ha

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Do not use with fungicides.

Additional information

The bi safe preparation is approved by the Polish National Institute of Hygiene.

It is the only preparation on the market in powder form which contains such a huge amount of bacteria in 1 gram.

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