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bi clean home

Product description:

bi clean home is a microbiological preparation based on carefully selected non-pathogenic microorganisms, resistant to uric acid and chemical compounds formed in feces. Used as an additive to household sewage, it reduces its strong odor and the formation of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in septic tanks and toilets.


Properly selected mixture of various strains of Bacillus sp. bacteria in an amount not less than 1x109 CFU in 1 gram of the product.

Bacteria contained in the preparation:

Reduces strong odor and organic matter in wastewater

Causes rapid decomposition of organic matter

Improves quality of wastewater and its sanitary cleanliness

Reduces volume of wastewater

Beneficially contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution


The microorganisms contained in the preparation, applied to the septic tank, reduce the saturation of unpleasant odors around it. They directly influence the transformation of faeces and sewage. Used regularly, the product also eliminates sticky sludge, reduces the volume of sewage and increases the life span of the sanitary installation. bi clean home prevents sludge and therefore has a positive impact on the frequency of emptying the sewage tanks and contributes to environmental protection.

Regular use of bi clean home ensures elimination of sewage odour and accelerates its decomposition in domestic sewage treatment plants, reduces the negative impact of breeding complexes on the atmosphere, which contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution.

First application Apply the working solution of the preparation into the toilet bowl or directly into the septic tank 10 l of solution per 1 m³ of septic tanks
Subsequent applications 14 days after system start-up

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Preparation of the working solution:

Dissolve 20 g of the formulation in 10 l of warm non-chlorinated water. Leave at room temperature for 20 minutes, stir.

Additional information

It is the only preparation on the market in powder form which contains such a huge amount of bacteria in 1 gram.

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