A gel preparation of concentrated microelements for increased adhesion to plants; acts long and efficient; stimulates the plant to defend itself; supports its health and resistance to diseases; intensifies growth; increases yield; contains boron, copper, manganese, molybdenum, zinc; high sulphur content increases antifungal properties; does not contain metal chlorides, is not harmful to plants; gel consistency prolongs shelf life; additionally it disinfects sprayer elements; easy to prepare and dose.

SOLER provides the plants with the necessary microelements in a concentrated form in a very high dose, without any ballast of macro-elements. SOLER Gel Micronutrient Concentrate contains boron, copper, manganese, molybdenum, zinc in quantities adapted to specific crops: sugar beet (SOLER B), cereals (SOLER C), maize (SOLER K) and rapeseed (SOLER R). Silicon-based hydrogels close fertilizer components in specific "pockets", the so-called inter-package spaces. In case of contact with the plant, the dosage takes a long and efficient time, which prolongs the availability of micronutrients. The hygroscopic nature of the preparation makes it hard to dry, easy to swell, maintaining in both cases high adhesion to the plant, making it difficult to wash off in the rain (read in SILEVELTM Technology).

The high sulphur content of the fertilizer has a strengthening, health-promoting, disinfecting and stimulating effect. Sulphur supports the resistance of plants to fungal diseases. Additionally, the product is equipped with a QM6TM stimulating mechanism, stimulating the plant to defensive reflexes, by increasing the ability to accumulate water and nutrients coming from SOLERA. As a result, the whole process has a positive effect on growth and a better yield (read in QM6TM Technology).

SOLER is safe for the majority of cultivated plants because it is a chlorine-free preparation.

SOLER components give it disinfecting properties in relation to the sprayers used as well as fungicidal properties in relation to plants in the field. It allows limiting the development of pathogenic pathogens.

NOTE: We do not recommend the use of SOLER with preparations containing microorganisms.

The gel consistency of SOLER allows for trouble-free and long-term storage of the product while retaining its full usable value, without compromising quality. It mixes well and overflows easily. Shake and homogenize before use.