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full kondycja

Product description:

full kondycja is a Polish, innovative, multidirectional, complete spray conditioner used in agrochemical treatments to: improve wettability, improve spray adhesion to the leaf, enhance uptake of active ingredients, support miscibility, dispersion and emulsifying properties, reduce droplet drift and spray foaming.


Substance improving uptake of active ingredients, fulvic acids, pH regulators, complexing agents, anti-foaming agents, substances improving wettability.


Regulates the pH of the spray and gives buffering properties

Inactivates heavy metals and reduces the surface tension and hardness of water

Increases the solubility and even distribution of the active ingredients on the plant as well as improves the adhesion of the spray to the leaves

Facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients via the leaves into the plant and has an anti-stress effect on the plant

Reduces the drying out of the spray liquid on the plant surface


Application of full kondycja is an effective and economical solution to the problem of negative influence of poor water quality in agrochemical treatments on the effectiveness of active ingredients of working solution. The innovative use of fulvic acids to optimize water properties is the most important feature of the full kondycja (full condition) formulation. The characteristic properties of fulvic acids: ability to chelate metal ions, hygroscopicity, natural water softening properties, ability to improve viscosity (adhesion) and stimulation mechanism for active ingredient uptake were utilized to maximize the effectiveness of spray conditioning. Optimally configured ingredients for maximum protection and gentleness – the formulation contains safe organic acids, surfactants that do not block fungicide action, and natural uptake activators for spray ingredients. The synergistic surfactants have been combined in an unusual way - the ingredients are chosen to have a positive effect on surface tension, leaf distribution and adhesion, while reducing unfavorable foaming.

1 l / 1000 l water Pour into the water tank, stir check the pH with a pH meter, then add other agents in the order indicated by the manufacturer. Do not use additionally acidifiers or adjuvants.

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Additional information

This product does not contain any oils or silicone.

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