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SOLER MAX Fruit is an innovative micronutrient fertilizer in gel form with the addition of titanium for nourishing and strengthening orchard plants during fruiting. Due to the content of a properly prepared form of Titanium and enhanced QM6+TM formula, it ensures proper fruit growth and excellent fruit quality.


Composition Content % w/w Content % w/v
Boron (B) 1,00 1,32
Copper (Cu) 2,00 2,64
Manganese (Mn) 4,00 5,28
Molybdenum (Mo) 0,02 0,026
Zinc (Zn) 3,00 3,96
All components completely soluble in water


Replenishes microelement deficiencies in the plant

Due to its gel consistency, it is almost completely absorbed into the plant

High sulphur content contributes to the phytosanitary status of the crop

Stimulates the plant to growth and yield

Specially prepared form of titanium has a positive effect on yield


Thanks to the applied SILEVELTM technology, silicon based hydrogels close the fertilizer components in specific "pockets", so called inter-packet spaces. On contact with the plant, the dosage is long and efficient, which prolongs the availability of micro nutrients. The hygroscopic nature of the preparation makes it hard to dry, it swells easily, retaining in both cases high adhesion to the plant which makes it difficult to wash away in the rain.

The high sulfur content in the fertilizer has a strengthening, pro-health, disinfecting and stimulating effect. Sulfur supports plant resistance to fungal diseases.

Additionally, the preparation has been provided with the improved QM6+TM formula which intensifies the effect of SOLER MAX Fruit on the growth and health of plants by stimulating the plant's defensive reflexes by increasing its ability to accumulate water and nutrients from SOLER. As a result, the whole process has a positive effect on high-quality yield.

The fertilizer uses a special form of titanium which supports the growth of crops and nourishes them. The use of this additive significantly increases the efficiency of using solar energy by plants in the process of photosynthesis. Increased photosynthesis is a key factor in significantly increasing yields. SOLER MAX Fruit is characterized by photocatalytic properties, which also has a very positive effect on the final yield.

SOLER MAX Fruit is safe for cultivated plants due to the fact that it is a chlorine-free product. The components contained in it give it disinfectant properties in relation to the used sprayers, as well as fungicidal properties for plants in the field of crops. This allows to limit the development of pathogens. The gel consistency of SOLER MAX Fruit allows for easy and long-term storage of the product, while it retains its full utility values without compromising on quality. It mixes well and pours easily.


Fruit trees Foliar spray, 2 - 3 applications after flowering to ripening stage 1,0 l /ha 300-1000 l
Berry plants Foliar spray, 2 - 3 applications per season until ripening 1,0 l /ha 300-1000 l

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Efekty stosowania

Mr. Arkadiusz Kartus, who runs a fruit-farm in Biała Rawska municipality in Lódz Province, describes the use of SOLER MAX Fruit.

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