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Kwasy humusowe Lignohumat Super

Lignohumat Super

Product description:

Lignohumat Super is the latest generation, highly concentrated humic preparation of plant origin with potassium, sulfur and microelements, used to improve soil structure and quality and support plant growth and yield.

It is a homogeneous mixture of humic acids (humic and fulvic) and microelements.


Humic acids 90% (including: humic acids 80% and fulvic acids 15-20%), potassium, sulfur and trace elements.

Advantages of the product

Improves soil properties and structure

Improves buffer properties and pH

Prevents leaching of macro- and microelements from the soil

Acts as a specific hydrogel in the soil, accumulating water

Promotes the development of beneficial soil microflora


Humic acids contained in the preparation come from lignin processing, and not (as in most preparations on the market), from leonardites. Applied on soil, they are active immediately after application and do not require a period of preparation and decomposition. The rapid passage into soil solution gives plants access to salts, humic and fulvic acids, while other products need time and the right conditions and microflora to start working.

The distinguishing feature of Lignohumat Super is its excellent solubility and stable composition quality. Humic acids applied on crop residues improve soil condition, both in preparation for sowing winter crops and for spring emergence of spring plants. The preparation can be applied regardless of weather conditions, unlike bacterial preparations. It can be used in conditions of soil moisture deficiency. It does not replace basic fertilization.


Cereals, maize, legumes, industrial and energy crops, catch crops 1 kg / 200-300 l water / ha Bottom dressing 2-3 weeks before sowing or planting

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Effects of application

Application of Lignohumat Super on hazelnut plantation of Ewa and Wojciech Pacek in Piotrowice near Nałęczów in Poland:

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