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bi complex max

Product description:

bi complex max is the only high-quality soil microbial fertilizer on the Polish market for use in all crops. It accelerates decomposition of organic matter, enriches the soil with easily available nitrogen and phosphorus, naturally improves the phytosanitary condition of soil and strengthens the plants. It is based on single, carefully selected bacteria Bacillus sp.


Bacillus subtillis, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus azotofixans w ilości 1x109 CFU in 1 gram of product

Bacteria contained in the preparation:

Contributes to the tuberous structure of the soil

Provides plant nutrients

Improves plant health

Strengthens plants - reducing their susceptibility to disease and stress

Increases the available nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil


Bacillus bacteria are commonly found in soil in our climatic zone (Poland). They are saprophytes, decomposing organic compounds of plant origin (mainly carbohydrates and pectins). These bacteria produce specific mucilages that contribute to the improvement of moisture within the root system and covering it with an additional protective film (significant especially during drought), they also stabilize soil colloids..

The Bacillus subtilis bacterium reduces the number of pathogenic fungi and bacteria in the soil, thus improving the phytosanitary status of crops. This bacterium multiplies quickly, so through competition for food and space in relation to other pathogens, it eliminates them in a natural way from the soil environment, without disturbing, but even supporting the development of beneficial soil microorganisms.

The Bacillus megaterium bacteria in the bi complex max product participate in the decomposition of phosphorus forms (also phosphonates and phosphonates) into phosphorus which is easily available for plants. The use of bacteria Bacillus megaterium in field crops can gain up to 20-40 kg of phosphorus in pure form per 1 hectare. Phosphorus, like nitrogen, is involved in all life processes in the plant. It is necessary for the proper conduct of photosynthesis, respiration, metabolism, and especially the formation of proteins and storage substances (fats, phytin). Phosphorus is absorbed from the soil by plants in the form of phosphoric acid ions. Unfortunately, the proportion of soils in our country with low or very low available phosphorus content is as much as 40%. Therefore, the activity of phosphorus solubilizing bacteria (PSB) is invaluable. In addition to available phosphorus, PSB also introduces substances such as siderophores, auxins, cytokinins and vitamins into the soil. Therefore, in recent years phosphorus microorganism strains are considered as so-called "bio-fertilizer". PSB is an important factor in optimizing agricultural production.

The bacterium Bacillus azotofixans helps to restore the population of this very useful bacterium in the soil, as it helps to improve the nitrogen cycle in the soil. It systematically supplies available forms of nitrogen to plants, which prevents the accumulation of nitrates and nitrites in them. It ensures a continuous supply of nitrogen, independent of mineral fertilization.


Agricultural, fruit and vegetable crops 0,5 - 2 kg /300 - 1000 l water /ha Ground spray before sowing and planting
0,5 - 1 kg /300 - 1000 l water /ha Ground and plant spray during the growing season
10 - 20 g / 10 l water Dosage under the root

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The preparation should be applied on moist soil, preferably with the addition of humus acids (they promote the multiplication of bacteria).

The microbiological preparations should not be used during sunny or dry weather, and should not be mixed with fungicides.

Additional information

It is the only preparation on the market in powder form which contains such a huge amount of bacteria in 1 gram.

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