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Bakterie azotowe

bi azot

Product description:

bi azot is the only high quality soil microbial fertilizer on the Polish market. It accelerates decomposition of organic matter and enriches the soil in easily-absorbable nitrogen for plants from the atmosphere. It is based on single, carefully selected Bacillus azotofixans bacteria.


Bacillus azotofixans at 1x109 CFU in 1 gram of product.

Product for organic farming

Bacteria contained in the preparation:

Fixes and mineralizes nitrogen from the air

Contributes to the structure of the soil

Improves plant health and yield

Reduces the incidence of pathogens in the soil

Participates in the decomposition of organic matter


Due to microbiological processes, nitrogen from the atmosphere is incorporated into organic compounds of the cells. The nitrogenous compounds present in the organic remains are mineralized by the microbes and incorporated into the atmosphere. It is known that nitrogenous bacteria can fix up to 50 kg of nitrogen per hectare of cropland. This nitrogen in a form assimilable by other organisms (ammonium compounds and proteins) can continue to circulate in the biosphere. An excellent example of a nitrogen bacterium naturally occurring in soil is Bacillus azotofixans. In soils with low humus content and where intensive production is carried out, the decrease in microorganisms may even reach several dozen percent. This is due to artificial fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and unfavorable environmental conditions.

The application of Bacillus azotofixans in spring or autumn to the soil allows us to rebuild the population of these very useful bacteria. The application of a nitrogen biopreparation containing this particular bacterium helps to improve nitrogen circulation in soil and systematically delivers assimilable forms of nitrogen to plants, which prevents the accumulation of nitrates and nitrites in them, and ensures a continuous supply of nitrogen, regardless of mineral fertilization.


Agricultural crops 0,5 - 1 kg /200 - 350 l water /ha 1 - 2 times a season (in spring before sowing or on the plantation and in autumn on crop residues)
Field vegetables 0,5 - 1 kg /200 - 350 l water /ha 2 - 3 times a season
Vegetables under covers 25 g /60 - 100 m² 2 - 3 times a season
Fruit trees and bushes 0,5 - 1 kg /400 - 600 l water /ha 2 - 3 times a season
Berries: strawberries, currants, raspberries 0,5 - 1 kg /200 - 400 l water /ha 2 - 3 times a season
Post-harvest residue decomposition 0,5 - 1 kg /200 - 300 l water /ha In the autumn

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The microbiological preparations should not be used during sunny or dry weather, and should not be mixed with fungicides.

Visible effects

See the application of the bacterial preparation bi azot on the hazel plantation of Ewa and Wojciech Pacek in Piotrowice near Nałęczów:

Additional information

The bi azot preparation is approved by the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation for use in organic farming No: SE/25/2020.

It is the only preparation on the market in powder form which contains such a huge amount of bacteria in 1 gram.

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