Innovative, liquid micronutrient fertilizer, which mobilizes for increased yielding and even fruit calibration.  It allows the plant to have a better supply of micro and macro-elements and nutrients, which makes the fruit has an appropriate and optimal weight gain and is better coloured. The preparation also has a beneficial effect on the shelf life of the fruit. Fruits are better prepared for storage.


The preparation uses an innovative QM6TM technology based on the interaction of ions of selected metals in a special formation and quantities inducing plants to increased uptake of fertilizer components, faster growth and better yielding. This technology uses a signal transduction process in which plants receive signals about stressful environmental factors and transmit them to a cellular machine to activate adaptive and defensive responses. In order for signal transduction to occur, a "signal pathway or cascade", i.e. the transfer of stimuli from a primary receptor molecule (which receives a stimulus and is called a receptor) through a combination of molecules (called signal molecules) whose function is to transmit a signal by a chemical event to the molecules or genes responsible for the response to the stimulus (called effectors). This process is called a cascade because it is a chain reaction - the action of the previous agent required at each stage - although it is not strictly linear. In fact, a signal molecule can activate one or more effectors, or an effector can be activated by two or more signal molecules.

It is extremely important that this happens without providing the plant with any hormones, stressors or toxins, without affecting the genetics of the plant, only changing its internal potential and supporting its vitality. It is probably the only such an innovative and safe, physiologically compatible product on the market.


The preparation should be used in the dose of 1 litre per hectare diluted in 500 - 1000 l of water. Always shake the container before opening!  Use the prepared solution of the spray liquid immediately after preparation. Use only if reasonably necessary. Do not exceed the recommended doses.

Application dates:

3-4 weeks before the planned date of harvest, aims at final fruit weight gain and prevents premature uncontrolled falling down.