Lignohumat Super is the latest generation, highly concentrated humus preparation of plant origin with the addition of potassium and sulphur and microelements - trace elements in the form of chelates. It is a homogeneous mixture of humic and fulvic acids and their salts, which are very physiologically active and thus maximally effective in action. Humic acids (humic and fulvic) contained in Lignohumat Super come from the processing of lignin (accelerated humification), and not, like most preparations on the market, from leonardite. This means that when applied to the soil, they are active immediately after application and do not require a period of initial preparation and decomposition. A quick transition to soil solution gives plants access to humic and fulvic acid salts immediately after application, while other products containing humic acids need time and appropriate conditions and microflora to release them into action. It is also worth mentioning the very high concentration of humic acids (80%) and fulvic acids (15-20%) in the preparation. The distinguishing feature of Lignohumat Super is its excellent solubility (no sediments and organic residues) and stable quality of its composition. Used on post-harvest residues is an excellent preparation improving the condition of the soil, both preparing it for sowing winter plants and spring emergence of spring plants. It can be used regardless of weather conditions and, unlike bacterial preparations, it can be used in conditions of lack of moisture in the soil. The preparation is in the form of a dark brown to black powder with a characteristic smell.

Humic acids contained in Lignohumat Super increase the absorption of oxygen in plant cells, stimulate the development of the root system, increase the permeability of cell membranes, stimulate rooting - they stimulate the growth of roots, especially hair roots, activate enzymes, alleviate stress during foliar pesticide spraying, stimulate photosynthesis (chlorophyll content increases), improve the effectiveness of mineral fertilizers (also foliar fertilizers), create a colourless film on the surface of plants to protect them from excessive transpiration, pathogen penetration and excessive UV radiation.

Irrefutable facts:

As many years of research have shown, plants that grow on soils where Lignohumat Super was applied produce a specific environment in the root zone. A well-developed root system accumulates moisture in its surroundings, which ensures the development of bacterial microflora, which facilitates nutrient uptake by the plant, thus ensuring growth conditions, also in times of water shortages, as it benefits from the root moisture zone. On sites enriched with humic acids, there is an increase in plant productivity by 10-20% and an improvement in the quality and biological value of the yield. The condition of plants and their resistance to stress are also better.


Foliar application - 100 g per each spraying operation (including foliar fertilisers, bacterial and crop protection agents).