Sugar beets are plants characterised by high requirements. During vegetation period they require an abundance of water and sunlight, as it impacts the sugar content in beet roots. Large differences in day and night temperatures are also beneficial to the sugar content. Sugar beet favours soils of proper structure, high nutrient content and neutral and alkaline pH.

Such supplementing preparations as nanogro, naturalny plon and lignohumat super are recommended to be applied to sugar beet cultivation. They increase both root yield and technological yield of sugar. In case of herbicide burns, we advise application of naturalny plon 200g, together with nanogro 250ml/ha. Bi protect will work marvels in prevention of Cercospora leaf spot disease and powdery mildew.

Nutritional requirements:

With a total yield of fresh mass equalling to 50 tonnes from 1 hectare, sugar beets absorb 135 kg of N, 23 kg of P, 230 kg of K, and 23 kg Mg from soil.

AGRARIUS treatments plan for sugar beet cultivation: