According to their structure, fruits are divided into:

  • Stone fruits – sour cherries, cherries, plums etc.,
  • Pome fruits – apples, pears etc.,
  • Berry fruits – currants, gooseberries, grapes, also strawberries, raspberries and wild strawberries,
  • Shell fruits – nuts.

Climatic conditions constitute a crucial factor contributing to zoning of fruit crops in Poland. Low temperatures in winter and slight frosts in spring are most detrimental. Particular species and varieties have different frost resistance.

Nutritional requirements are also determined individually. Some components accumulated in roots and sprouts delay potential nutrient deficits and slows a plant’s reaction to fertilization. Fertilization level is determined on the basis of a soil nutrient status prior to setting up a plantation.

Cultivation of berry plants particularly requires bacterial preparations (preventive measures regarding fungal diseases), humus preparations (lignohumat super), as well as a resistance inducer nanogro aqua (protecting plants against slight frost and droughts, and increasing a plants resistance to diseases).

AGRARIUS treatments plan for berry plants cultivation: