Our consultants are more than happy to answer all your questions regarding the products and crops. We opt for an individual approach to your crops in order to ensure the maximum effect and profit.

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Consultancy regarding agricultural, horticultural and fruit cultivation:

PhD Anna Magdalena Ambroszczyk
director of research and development department
tel.: +48 793 300 015
e-mail: a.ambroszczyk@agrarius.eu

Regional representatives:

Marlena Kasińska

tel.: +48 722 132 309
e-mail: m.kasinska@agrarius.eu

Paweł Wechterowicz

tel.: +48 722 132 301
e-mail: p.wechterowicz@agrarius.eu

Marcin Ożóg

tel.: +48 669 051 403
e-mail: m.ozog@agrarius.eu

Justyna Boczula

tel.: +48 607 077 606
e-mail: j.boczula@agrarius.eu