Full KONDYCJA is a Polish, innovative, multidirectional, complete, conditioner of working fluid used in agrochemical treatments.

Conducting agrochemical treatments in the form of spraying it happens that we notice their variable effectiveness. The reason for this can be such factors as the wrong time of day, ambient temperature, the wrong preparation, or the wrong dose. It also happens that the cause of reduced effectiveness of plant protection products, fertilizers or growth stimulators is the poor quality of water used to prepare the spray liquid. With this in mind, it is advantageous for every farmer to commission a chemical analysis of the water used for spraying. On the basis of the results, the water properties can be adjusted so that they are beneficial for certain applications.

An agricultural adjuvant is generally defined as any substance added to the spray tank, other than a pesticide, fertiliser or stimulator, that improves the performance of the active ingredients applied. Adjuvants perform a variety of tasks, but their contribution to improving crop productivity can be summarised as helping to optimise the level of effectiveness of agricultural chemicals. Among the various tasks that adjuvants require are: improving wettability, enhancing the adhesion of the spray liquid to the leaf, increasing the uptake of active ingredients, improving miscibility, dispersion and emulsifying properties, reducing droplet entrapment and influencing the foaming limit of the spray liquid.

9 in 1 properties:

  1. It regulates the pH of the working fluid.
  2. It deactivates heavy metals and reduces surface tension and water hardness
  3. It gives buffering properties to the working fluid.
  4. It increases solubility and uniformity of distribution of active substances on the plant.
  5. It increases the adhesion of the spray liquid to the leaves.
  6. It facilitates the absorption of active substances through the leaves to the inside of the plant.
  7. It limits the drying of the working fluid on the plant surface.
  8. It has an anti-stress effect on plants.
  9. lt allows the dosage of the active substance to be reduced.


Innovative use of fulvic acids to optimize water properties is the most important feature of Full KONDYCJA. The preparation uses various characteristic properties of fulvic acids in such a way as to maximize the effectiveness of conditioning of the working fluid. The ability to chelate metal ions, hygroscopicity, natural water softening properties, the ability to improve viscosity (adhesion) and the stimulation mechanism for taking active ingredients.

Optimally selected configuration of ingredients for maximum protection and delicacy - the guiding idea is first of all not to be harmful. No obvious and easy solutions were used, which at the same time could limit the safety of use. During the development of the product formula, scientists analyzed and studied a number of circumstances that could occur during various agrochemical applications. The dangers of interaction have been excluded across the board and efficiency has been optimised. The product contains safe organic acids, surfactants that do not block the action of fungicides and natural activators for taking ingredients from the spray liquid.

An unobvious combination of synergistic surfactants - the ingredients are selected so as to have a beneficial effect on surface tension, leaf distribution and adhesion, while at the same time reducing unfavourable foaming.