While setting up the AGRARIUS company in 2006 I aimed to provide modern and innovative agricultural solutions which would simultaneously be safe for the environment, humans and animals. ‘Agriculture in harmony with nature’ became our motto. Since that time we have been constantly developing by broadening the range of our products and carrying out copious research and experiments together with farmers, who observe their crops, and research institutes both in Poland and abroad. Our department is continuously seeking new solutions and improving already existing technologies. Our consultants provide help regarding application of our products and determining cultivation procedures which are most suitable for your needs.

Nowadays, my business encompasses a group of several companies which co-operate in order to provide you with products and solutions indispensable in modern agriculture and conforming to stringent requirements regarding chemical substances used in farming. These companies operate not only in Poland, but also in Europe. Currently we have our offices in Ukraine and Slovakia, we also co-operate with a number of distributors both in Poland and abroad.


We encourage you to browse our product catalogue and to contact our consultants who will help you solve your problems with crops, advise you on how to improve your yield, take care of your soils and look after your plants.

Management Board President
Zenon Borys