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About us

Agrarius is a Polish company which has been introducing products for agricultural and horticultural crops to the market since 2006.

The Agrarius brand was created by President Zenon Borys, who set a new, pioneering direction in an innovative approach to cultivation, following the idea of „agriculture in harmony with nature”. The Agrarius brand consists of several closely linked production, experimental and distribution companies.

We have our branches in Ukraine and Slovakia, and we cooperate with a number of leading distribution companies in Poland.

We are constantly developing by creating and launching innovative products on the market, developing an effective distribution network and reaching for modern methods of promotion and advertising (Internet, social media, TV advertising spots, articles on popular websites related to agriculture and horticulture).

Constant development

We have clearly defined goals:


Products offered by Agrarius are characterized by unique, innovative and modern formulas composed of safe and concentrated ingredients.


Our products are under strict production control, they do not contain any additional ballast ingredients. The composition of the products complies with the applicable standards and regulations (permits, certificates and registrations).


All products we offer guarantee 100% effectiveness confirmed by tests and farmers' opinions.


Agrarius preparations significantly increase the quantity and quality of crops which translates directly into increased profitability of crops.

Recommended products

nanogro forte superstart

Growth and yield stimulator and resistance inducer for seed, seeds, tubers, bulbs, roots

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bi azot

Topical bacterial preparation based on single, carefully selected nitrogenous bacteria

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Lignohumat Super

Highly concentrated humic acids of plant origin for improving soil structure and quality

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full terminator

Nitrogen fertilizer with micronutrients and humic acids intended for use on post-harvest residues

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